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Hayden Christensen...the next superstar?You sure you can handle this?
Welcome to Hot Guyz "March Edition" 2002. We feature 10 guys who have caught our eyes. For some of these guys, their popularity is higher than ever but for some, they are just beginning to be recognized. Here, we recognize their talents and of course their gorgeous looks. Most of the guys are truly great, I don't know them but from what I have heard in interviews and such, they all seem to be nice guys to be around with. So, what I am suggesting is, they are truly a girl's dream guy. There are a couple of guys in here that already have girlfriends and wives, so that's a bummer!!!! The gals that have these wonderful men should be happy! Enjoy!
On March 16, 2002, Hot Guyz of 2002 opened its doors to the world.

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Ryan Phillippe.::Ryan Phillippe, 27::.
The Facts
Occupation : Actor
Birthday : September 10,1974
Height : 5'9
Status : Married to Reese Witherspoon

Our #1 pick for this month is Ryan Phillippe. Ryan is 27 years old and he is married to Reese Witherspoon(Legally Blonde). He has appeared in numerous films and has become a hearthrob to gals everywhere.

Ryan is a sweet guy. You can see it in his pictures. He is the guy that most ladies probably want but unfortunately, his off the market. He is married to Reese and I think they just had their first child. What a sweet and perfect couple. Hope they last forever. Anyway, I'm sure y'all would agree that Ryan is a total hottie =) with talents that matches his looks. Hey, I guess cute guys aren't always shallow...=)





.::James Marsden, 28::.
The Facts
Occupation : Actor
Birthday : September 18,1973
Height : 6'1
Status : Married to Lisa Linde

Oh My, it's none other than Cyclops! Yeah you heard me, it's Scott from the X-Men. I'm guessing that James' popularity shot up when the X-Men Movie was released. I was watching Ally Macbeal and saw that he was also there too but just recently, I saw an episode where he left! =( I wanted him to be in the show!

Believe it or not, James is actually only a year older than Ryan Phillippe, who is our #1 pick. Like Ryan, James is married and off the market, he married Lisa Linde.

He is really cute. I like his smile and his eyes! I am sure that he still has a very bright future. James played Cyclops in the blockbuster hit, X-Men. He is probably going to play Cyclops again in future X-Men movies so don't forget him just yet.



.::Hayden Christensen, 20::.
The Facts
Occupation : Actor
Birthday : April 19,1981
Height : 6'1
Status : Single

Hey look it's a Canadian Kid. The Canadians are coming, the Canadians are coming! Hayden is a superstar in the making. He was a relatively unknown actor up until he was chosen to be the father of Luc Skywalker, I think his name is Anakin Skywalker. I forget what the name of the guy is. Is it Darth Vader? Something like that. Anyway, he was chosen to play Darth Vader(?) in the prequel of Star Wars. The Movie is called Star Wars; Attack of the Clones. Don't you think the title is pretty cheesy?

Oh yeah anyway, Hayden was chosen and his popularity has steadily risen. A lot of his peers are noticing his talent and are raving about how this guy is so talented for his age. Believe it or not, he is only 20 years old. So the future looks bright for this guy.

I really like tennis and when I was surfing and researching for info on this guy, I discovered that he had a tennis scholarship to go to school. Isn't that so cool? I totally love this guy! He's Canadian, he loves tennis and hockey!, he's cute, he's nice and he's single!?! What more could you ask for? This guy is definetely going to be the next Russell Crowe but even cuter! =)