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Brave Enough?
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My Other Defunct Site

Blooming With Wallpapers
Well, this is where I really started making really good wallpapers. I am not updating this anymore because frankly, I could not support it anymore and I was kind of restricted to making Orlando Bloom wallpapers and I wanted to do more so that's why you've got this site. This site has about 50 wallpapers of Orlando Bloom, aka Legolas Greenleaf in LOTR. This is a cool site not just because it's mine. =) If you need Orlando Bloom WPs, go here.

Penalty Box

Penalty Box
I'll admit it, I'm a Toronto Maple Leafs fan and this is the place to go if you're a fan of this NHL team. It gives you the latest news on the Leafs, reviews of prospects, pretty good articles here too. There's also a message board for fans to chat about their favourite team. They have really nice topics there too. It's the probably the best Leafs site that I have seen so far. It has a simple layout but has a lot of content. It's a must see site.


This site is dedicated to Tom Welling, the actor that plays the young Kent Clark (Superman) in Smallville. The design is excellent and user friendly. I think the content really satisfies the fan in all of us. It's a very well-rounded site. Other sites have really nice designs but the content is not up to par with it. It falls short of our expectations. Well this site has it all and I suggest if you are a Tom Welling fanatic to go here and see what you're missing. A great site.

this site is designed by nicole michelle. all  the wallpapers that you see here are made by nicole can use any of my wallpapers but proper credit is required. don't claim it as your own. all the pictures here are gathered from the net so if you own or made any of the pictures here and don't want me to use it, email me and i'll immediately remove it.if you have any questions or comments, email nicole michelle. thatnks for visiting  "brave enough". version 1.0, made in canada.