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Brave Enough?
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the so called "cliques"
Well because this site is just new and basically not known to anyone yet, I have no cliques yet. I haven't applied to any yet. But I am interested, that's why I have a cliques page! =) Well, I might start applying when I feel that I have a really good site.Hey if you are an owner of a clique and want me to be added, email me and spare me of having to see if I get rejected or not. So this is not a coming soon page because I am just waitin for some clique sites to accept me. Get it? Alrite, until then, go visit some other section of the site.  

this site is designed by nicole michelle. all  the wallpapers that you see here are made by nicole can use any of my wallpapers but proper credit is required. don't claim it as your own. all the pictures here are gathered from the net so if you own or made any of the pictures here and don't want me to use it, email me and i'll immediately remove it.if you have any questions or comments, email nicole michelle. thatnks for visiting  "brave enough". version 1.0, made in canada.