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Brave Enough?
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my oh my, it's the news
9.11.02 -
it's september 11th. it's the day when everything changed. that's all I'm going to say because i don't think we need to say anything else. to mark this 1st year anniversary, i have made a wallpaper of tom welling =). it's different though because it's a soldier pic of him. it's not perfect but good enough. hope you have a good day.

tuesday bonanza
9.10.02 -
i added only one wallpaper, it's a tom welling one. yeah, i have now shifted to liking tom. move over orlando, tom is my man now. LOL! i don't have enough time in my hands right now to actually make more than a wallpaper per day. so probably the majority of wallpapers that will be coming in will come in the weekends and also the other sections will probably be added in the weekends too. okay, see you later.  

gaga for wallpapers
9.9.02 - wow, september 11th is almost here. still can't believe of what happened last year. it feels like it was a dream. such a tragic event. i might do some special wallpapers to mark the event, i'll put it up on wednesday. i added 4 wallpapers today. 3 for tom welling(if you don't know him, he's clark kent aka superman in the tv show, Smallville.) I also added 1 Kristin Kreuk wallpaper but that was yesterday, I just forgot to put it in the news section. i'll add the bios and others section tomorrow too. i have a new affliate, the it's a very good site and i recommend you guys to visit it. that's it for now. i'll add more wallpapers if i have time tomorrow. ciao.
--nicole michelle
the grand opening of brave enough?
9.8.02 - well, i have re-opened this site again. this used to be just a place where i can see all the wallpapers that i have made well now here's a chance for you guys to see what i have done and also i've added things that might interest you. basically this site is a wallpaper site. i love making wallpapers because i'm not really an expert in html and all those stuff just the graphic programs so i feel like i have more control over the design when i make my wallpapers. i decided to make wallpapers because when i was searching for a good wallpaper to decorate my pc, i couldn't find any so i was so fed up that i just decided to make my own. if you have any suggestions on wallpaper design ideas or any other comments or suggestions, just email me. hope you guys like it. i'll add more wallpapers tomorrow. alrite. that's it for today. ciao.
this site is designed by nicole michelle. all  the wallpapers that you see here are made by nicole can use any of my wallpapers but proper credit is required. don't claim it as your own. all the pictures here are gathered from the net so if you own or made any of the pictures here and don't want me to use it, email me and i'll immediately remove it.if you have any questions or comments, email nicole michelle. thatnks for visiting  "brave enough". version 1.0, made in canada.